The Three of Three’s

We launched the first PEBA Awards online in 2008, and asked bloggers to nominate their favorite OFW and expats blogs. Out of that humble beginning we were given great bloggers to honor.

Our 2008, 2009 and 2010 Top 3 winners are:
The Beginning

1. WRITING ON AIR (Australia) by Jim Paredes

“There are around 12 million overseas Filipino workers spread out all over the world. Their blood, sweat and tears are what keep this country financially afloat. The money they send home keeps many kids in school, feeds families and generates a lot of the economic activity that keeps the entire Philippines humming.”

2. PANSITAN NI ATE SIENNA (United States of America), by Gigi Refugia Manaloto

Proud din ako kasi ang daming Overseas Filipino Workers akong nakilala. Mga alaga sila ng tyahin ko na may sarili nang human resources agency sa Calgary. Masaya silang kasama. Mapapalapit talaga ang puso mo sa kanila… gusto ko pong pasalamatan ang lahat ng bumoto sa akin sa nakaraang contest ng Top 10 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog of the Year 2008. Nanalo ang lola nyo ng 2nd Top Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog pagkatapos ni Apo Jim. At Top Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog sa US en Canada.

Maraming-maraming salamat sa mga judges, sa lahat ng bumoto at kay Kenji sa isang nakatatabang pusong parangal.

3. THE SANDBOX (Saudi Arabia)

“I would like to give my deepest appreciation to the organizers and judges of the recently concluded Top 10 Pinoy Expats Blog Award for making The Sandbox No.1 in the region (Middle East) and No.3 among the Top 10 Filipino Expats and OFW Bloggers of the year.

Of course I won’t be in this position if not for those readers who gave their confidence and support by voting this blog. For me, words can’t say enough how much I feel. A “Thank you” may suffice, but believe me, behind those two simple words a huge gratitude is swelling to get out and embrace you.”

2009 “Hope of the Nation, Gift to the World”

1. ISLA DE NEBZ (Al Khobar, SAUDI ARABIA) by Nelson Bandiez

“You see, there are a lot of people who benefit -- directly and indirectly -- from my OFW dollars. Oh, by the way, I think a fraction of my dollars gets back to the government in the form of tax. Being an OFW in Saudi, I am tax-free. But the likes of Aling Thelma, Mang Kaloy, Ate Gina and Kuya Dave are not. So in a way, a portion of my OFW dollars goes to the government. So you see, my OFW dollars go a long, long, long way. It gives people jobs and it helps some children get their education. My OFW dollars, in ways, mobilize the economy of my beloved Philippines. That's why they call me a modern-day hero and PEBA hails me -- an OFW in Saudi -- as a gift to the world and a hope of my country.”

2. THE PINK TARHA (Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA) by the Pink Tarha Girls

“OFW children have different stories to tell. But whatever our stories tell about us and our families, what became of us is the main part of the story our fathers will tell to the whole world. We are the outcome of their sacrifice twenty years ago. We are the fruits of our fathers' labor in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Kaming mga anak ng Saudi OFWs ang tunay na katas ng Saudi... and we hope that how we turned out was well-worth the sacrifice.”

3. WITS AND SPIRITS (Bangkok, THAILAND) by Phil Saraspe

“My being a Filipino will never end every time I leave the Philippines for wherever my fate brings me, my heart will always linger to my very own roots. Doing my best and expressing my passion to my host country would not necessarily mean that I am treacherous to my own country for every good thing I do for this temporary home of mine is a reminder that as an OFW, I give hope to our nation and I share blessings to the rest of the world.”

2010 “Stronger Homes for a Stronger Nation”

(KUWAIT) by Dahn Jacob

“Ang bakal na ibon sa himpapawid tulad ng mga ibong malayang nakapaglalakbay sa iba’t ibang panig ng daigdig, ang bakal na ibon na ito ang naghatid at maghahatid sa bawat miyembro ng pamilyang OFW na may tangan na pag-asang liliparin nila ang kalangitan upang buuin ang mga pangarap. At sa huling pagdapo ng ibong gawa sa bakal, sa muling paglapat ng mga paa sa lupang kinagisnan ang pagsalubong ng isang pamilya na nag-aantay sa matibay na tahanan ng bawat Pilipino.”

2. GREMLINESS (Dubai, U.A.E.) by Bevz Castro

“There's something good in being an OFW that's why we opt to be.

The line I heard six years ago applying to every OFW could be a cliche' but it will never become outdated -- "Just always keep in mind what you left the country for, and everything will be fine"

Most OFWs would say "I'm here for my family", which is an unconscious answer that the OFW contributes to a better Philippines when he/ she works for the best interest of his/ her family.“


“To OFWs and their families, it is important to remain true to God and your vows, imbibe in your children the importance of faith, good values, and loyalty to family. Most of all, you must demand from your individual self to be a good example to your family, your community, and your country at all times. Lead by becoming a good example.

► About the Author:
Kenji is Mr. Thoughtskoto in the blogging world. His story and his life is one of endurance: he was six when his dad left him; he is the eldest among four siblings; his mom died of cancer when he was 16; he self supported himself through college. He now works as a quality engineer in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, and is a doting father to Hevyn and a loving hubby to Shiela (and adds: "a grandfather to Hevyn's pet duck".)
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