True Friend

Ang imahe ay mula kay Jack Cabida ng Al-Khobar, K.S.A
Isa ang imaheng ito sa isang daan mahigit na kalahok sa 
PEBA Photo Contest nuong nakaraang taon.

While i still have the chance to blog something, let me just share with you short description of a true friend.. :)

Well, a true friend has a long black hair... yes, a true friend is a SHE. (no offense guys)

A true friend is a career woman. She has a stable job and she earns a whole damn lot from it. But, she never forgets to step her feet on the ground. Never boasts about anything. Never forgets to be somebody whom you can turn to in times of need. A true friend is someone who you can talk to, about anything under the sun. May it be about food, about exercise, deep secrets, the kind of underwear that you're wearing at the moment, your period and how damn pissed you are when you cant wear a sanitary pad 'coz you don't have one in your pouch and the never ending techniques on how to lose weight.

You see guys, that's one of the main reason why a true friend is a SHE. She never gets tired of listening, even if your stories are the same. Even if she still has something to do (for instance, doing her laundry) and even if she still needs to wake up early in the morning.

A true friend is tough. A true friend's heart may be broken for several times but always manages to move on and hold her head high. Besides, who needs a man if all he does is hurt you? She is strong no matter what. Manages to laugh at her mistakes and clumsiness... Manages to tell jokes even if she's hurt.

A true friend is an angel. Helps you with anything. Tells the truth. Tells that you're fat because you are fat. Tells that you are stupid because you are stupid. Tells you that your wrong because you are wrong and she will help you understand what is right.

By the way? Have i told you that a true friend has a name? :)

I love you Ning. :)

► About the Author:
Rose is an active PEBA Core Group Volunteer and TKJ's new Editorial Staff. She is an OFW, working in a hotel as Front Desk Receptionist in Doha, Qatar. She regularly writes personal blogs at Rainbowbox and The Little Girl's Diary.
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LordCM said...

pakilala mo nga sa TKJ Superfriends si True Friend, baka sakaling magvolunteer sya na makasama ang SuperFriends :D

Nortehanon said...

Blessed is he or she who has a true friend ;)

x'tian said...

awts! tats nmn ako ng uber!
bday ko bah?? bket my tribute?? heheheh, joke!

lab u too neng!

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