My Virtual Best Friend

She is always someone who is always around me… always online for me. Even our time difference is far behind. Still she can hang out with me.

A quality of friendship she has for me is in very best quality. Someone who does favor for me even where far more than miles away, someone who can range from, someone who can relate with me,  someone whose complete opposite of me. Added to her value is being honest, trustworthy and dependable.

I know choosing a friend is not that easy, specially in this virtual world. I know everybody has different ideas on what other will be thinking about this. Friends play an important part of our life. It should be someone who can encourage us when we are sad, entertain when we are lonesome and listen when we have problems.

Encountering someone like her can be quite difficult in this time be it personal or virtually. Yes, it is very difficult to have a definition of a good friend to agree upon. Since everyone has different personalities.  I am happy that I discovered  a  one true friend from her.  A helpful one for me, which is I know a hard to find one by this time.

Willingness. That is all it takes in order to be considered a good friend  for me. The willingness on our both part is within.  I am willing to stay for  her to listen and she is the same way too for me. Even it is not the most exciting thing in the world to hear for her, she is still there on the other line for me. And that make me feel  special. It allows me to exhale all my worries and battle some here in sun and sand land. And all of these makes us step closer together.

So as for me I am always willing to give advice to her. I am willing to think thing through with her and try to give her the best advice. Our friendship never measured only by time we spent together when were online.  It measures the meaning it brings to our life.

My willingness to care for her as a good friend is carved in my heart. That is why she care’s for me the same way too. We both care for both feelings and experience.

I believed that if someone is in need and the whole world seems to be turned against them, we must be the one to care and make them that it’s not over yet.

I know making friends was not going to be easy, because if we want good friend then we must be willing to listen, sacrifice, give advice and care for them. And this give me good pay off, and I’m glad to have someone name GINA.

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