There are rivers far from each others’ flow,
Those two rivers with different directions,
In the same time share the same glow,
Rivers of clean and undoubtful affections.

The river from north comes forth with its grace,
And the river from south comes forth with gentleness,
Different strokes of flow in one same day,
With the hope to face tomorrow’s challenges.

The rivers were bound to cross each other’s path,
And meet in a direction they ought to go,
The day came that they need not to be alone,
And share their flow in oneness of the ocean’s draw.

In the sea of emotions where differences dwell,
Makes the ocean set in peacefulness and truth,
And the days that passed were full of warmth,
Yet on the other side of the ocean was to part.

The ocean separated in two other rivers,
But they are much different from before,
Because of the seabed they shared for a time,
‘Till they meet again in the same ocean floor.

► About the Author:
Dahn Jacob – (Animus) is the author of Animus (Anonymous Sanctuary) and PEBA 2010 Grand Prize Winner with his entry Ang Bakal na Ibon sa Himpapawid.

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