Come and Go

A lot of people will come into your life unexpectedly. Some may have a mission to ruin your life. Some may bring you happiness and unforgettable memories and these people are what we call Friends. A friend is a person whom you know well and regards with affection and trust. A friend is someone who listens, someone who tells you the truth about you and someone who appreciates you.

We have good friends and bad friends; some may turn you into a better person and some may influence you into doing bad things, thus make your life miserable. Others might hurt you and rip your heart into pieces and make you cry while others might do well and make your life worth living. Worthwhile true friends are always there in good and bad times. These are the ones whom you can really rely on to celebrate a special moment with you.

Friendship is a kind of relationship that involves mutual knowledge, affection and respect for each other. Their tastes are usually similar and they share activities that they both enjoy.

There are lots of people around who you think are friends but the truth they are NOT! They will just come and go into your life and make you laugh and cry after they’re all gone. For me, the importance in friendship is LOVE and TRUST; love each other for who they are. It doesn’t matter what a person looks like or what kind of clothes or style they wear, but it’s what on the inside that really counts. You have to trust the people you love.

Lastly, the most important in friendship is listening to each other’s point of view and listening what they feel inside, and understanding what they say. By then, they’ll appreciate having someone who truly cares about what they feel.

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Marco, a blogger and the owner of Kol Me Empi. He came from Surigao del Norte and currently based in Quezon City. He is an avid supporter/ volunteer of PEBA.

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