A Letter To My Mama

Dear Mama,

I really miss you. I miss your voice asking me "O boling kumusta na? Yong mga bata? si Anthony?, Yong mga kapatid mo? That were the exact words I heard from you everytime i called up. I miss those sweet, gentle voice full of love and care. I miss your presence . It gives me peace. When Papa got sick, you took care of him 24 / 7 with love and devotion. Maybe Ma, you were deprived of the time for your self, but you never complained. You never showed us your frustrations. You just continued giving your love and care to all of us . When Papa passed away , you buried your hurt because you knew that we, your children needs you to be our strength.You showed us that you are in control, you are composed and poised . You always placed Papa and your children's needs above your own.

You and Papa nurtured us with your love and discipline, You both respected us, trusted us and believed in us. We felt Ma that even up to the last minute of your life, you made us easier for us your children. You prepared well Ma, at the hospital, your casket, your wake and even at your funeral . You made things easy for all of us. I want to express again my deepest gratitude to you for up to the last breath you took care of us. We are so bless to have you as our mother. You are an extra ordinary and a wonderful woman , a loving wife to Papa and a great mother to us.

Ma, thank you so much. Thank you for all those wonderful years. Those memories will never be forgotten for it will be etched in our hearts forever. Though we are in mourning, part of us is rejoicing because you were no longer in pain and you will not suffer in your illness. You are now in God's Hand. God wrapped His Loving arms around you. He comforts you. He gave you rest and God only take the best. You are now reunited with Papa and I am sure you are both happy being together.

You may not be with us physically but i know in spirit you are watching and guiding us. Ma, when the time come that we will have to face our Creator, meet us in heaven and embrace us with your loving and comforting arms together with Papa.

Bye for now Ma... Talk to me in spirit ... I love you Ma. I really miss you and Papa.


► About the Author:
Mrs. Amalyn Torrecampo is a wife and a mother to her 3-kids. She is a career oriented woman but still manage to be a hands-on Mom. She came from Bato, Catanduanes and currently lives in Quezon City.

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