Wind blows as the sky darkens,

Sun peeps and hides uncertain,

Trees dance in the gusty wind,

Petals torn and flown again.

Lightning and thunder tear the sky,

Furious, fuming, enraged, and mad,

Thousand crystal falls into the ground,

Unearth bliss from the sorrow bound.

The rain had stopped and the sky is clear,

The sun peeps before beamingly appear,

The wind is quiet and the trees are green,

The flowers bloom and the scent is sweet.

A storm had passed and left a mark,

Etched an imprint in my weary heart,

Strength, courage, hope and love,

The storm left me happy and sound.

► About the author:
My Yellow Bells is a Filipino mom based in the United Arab Emirates. MYB is an online journal of her life abroad and everything else in between. Writing is one way she get to express her thoughts and share amongst us how it is to live and work in an Arab world.
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My Yellow Bells said...

thank you, maraming salamat po sa pagkakataon. Isang karangalan ang maging contributor para sa Kablogs Journal.

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