A good Hero is someone looked up
that will served as an inspiration.

A Hero is is very courageous and
willing to put their life aside before themselves

A Hero can submit themselves to follow laws
wholeheartedly even if it will break your heart.

A Hero doesn’t need to be successful but should
have true Intentions from within.

A Hero does not need to have superhuman power,
only faith in God.

A Hero can be of any races in our land
who knows how to give a hand and listen.

A Hero doesn’t need to be good at everything
but who can stand up for you.

A Hero is somebody who could make you smile
without any words.

A Hero could be OFW,
helping us learn towards our future. - TKJ

► About the Author:
Gracia, a blogger and the owner of Diary ni Gracia. She is currently based in Kuwait. She's one of the Nominee at PEBA 2011 with her Entry I will return, I will bring change and will leave one a fortune….
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