This is an excerpt from the book I am drafting; of my journey to life.

Along that journey are people -- individuals -- who have touched my life one way or another; is (or was) responsible for the man I am now.

Needless to say, I admired them so much; hold them in high regard and respect. They are the heroes and heroines of my life.

I do not have a place to build them their monuments nor a ground to mark their honor, nor a trophy to bestow on them. I hope they know, through this KUDOS, that in my heart and all throughout my life, I carry a tremendous, a very deep feeling of gratitude for them all.

To all of you, THANK YOU SO MUCH, FOR MAKING MY LIFE SO MUCH BETTER BECAUSE YOU ARE THERE. I hope your influence and your light of goodness will continually shine and magnify its radiance to make this world a better and brighter place. Please accept this compliment as a token of my gratitude for making a difference in my world. You played a very important role in shaping my future, and therefore, EACH OF YOU IS A SIGNIFICANT PIECE in my life's quilt.

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Today, I’d like to thank solely the people behind Kablogs, The Kablogs Journal, and PEBA. I am embarrassed that people think I am behind this organization and group where in fact, the volunteers, and the OFW Bloggers, and supporters are the ones behind it. For me, you are the heroes. For us, my wife and I and the officers of PEBA, you, each of, are the real heroes.

The organization and group have our share of ups and down, we were able to survive the trials and challenges, and we rejoice together in our triumphs and successes. We are proud of our unique capabilities and talents despite the distance that stretch to as far as America, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, South Korea, the Emirates, and the Philippines. We run an organization that does not paid a single volunteer with salary or money. We find joy in serving our fellow bloggers and OFWs, and that makes you, heroes in your own right.

I always believe that if we serve other’s faithfully, we also serve THE ONE we all look up to, and in turn, He bless our lives with so much goodness and blessings. Last night someone said about our organization, another advocacy group based here in the Middle East.

Sa ilang years na walang media exposure, lumago ang grupo ng PEBA, dumami ang mga members, na mga OFW bloggers sa ibat-ibang panig ng mundo.. Hindi lang po sila award-giving body na grupo.. They started as parang contest, pero kalaunan ay nagpromote na rin sila ng Servant Leadership, naging charity organization pa.. at saksi tayo sa Patnubay sa mga problema ng OFWs na natulongan at naresolba ng grupong PEBA

Naka-align po sila sa ating adbokasya, dahil hindi sila yong tipong grupo na mahilig magblow ng trumpet kung tutulong, hindi sila humingi ng kahit anong kapalit or recognition man lang. at lalong hindi sila mga politiko.

Ito lang po muna and congratulations to PEBA, sa inyong success at patuloy na paglawak at pag-unlad para sa kabutihan ng mga OFWs... hanggang sa pagtanda natin.. Mabuhay po kayo! - Patnubay.com

Please know that in my heart, and all throughout my life, I will carry a deep feeling of LOVE, RESPECT and GRATITUDE to each and every member, fans, and volunteers and nominees of PEBA, Kablogs, and The Kablogs Journal. - TKJ

► About the Author:
Kenji is Mr. Thoughtskoto in the blogging world. His story and his life is one of endurance: he was six when his dad left him; he is the eldest among four siblings; his mom died of cancer when he was 16; he self supported himself through college. He now works as a quality engineer in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, and is a doting father to Hevyn and a loving hubby to Shiela (and adds: "a grandfather to Hevyn's pet duck".)
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