Who wants to be a hero? Its conceivable to have one, enough so that most people nowadays yearns for it.

One of man's greatest talent - and arguably also its folie, is to identify its weakness. We structure our value system in a way that it should work towards meeting our needs as the situation and conditions presents itself. Living in a third world country tainted with hardships and poverty, we brand anyone who contributes to alleviate such conditions as heroes. A few decades ago, you would have to be in a military uniform to be called as such, our freedom was threatened then. Today, we focus on poverty. And so whoever seems to drive against it is our new hero. And in this generation, we affectionately call them OFWs.

Having won our freedom - courtesy of our previous heroes it seems, the Overseas Filipino Workers are now the new heroes of the free world. We stuck them with apathetic words like sacrifice, patriotism and home-sickness, we make movies and plays, write books and songs for them. Praising them for playing their part as saviors of our otherwise impoverished way of life. We tend to romanticized what in reality simply means a mother, father, sister or a brother fulfilling his duties to his or her own family. Working for a specific goal whose main, and perhaps only concern, is to somehow provide a better quality of life for all of them. Apparently, they too understand their weakness.

Heroes are ordinary people doing extraordinary things in extraordinary circumstances so says the banner of an action movie. But really, who would want an extra burden? There's probably a reason why superman, batman or the other "mans" want to keep their anonymity, as If the responsibility isn’t overwhelming enough that they would find the need to share their personal lives with it.

Really, who wants to be a hero? - TKJ

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