My Sister, My Friend

I thank God for having a friend like you,
A wonderful friend I ever had,
A friend that I can rely on,
A friend that I can count on.

Saying goodbye is not easy.
We’re miles away since I’m leaving the place,
I never heard from you since then,
Where are you now my dear?

Facebook connected us again.
I’d realized that I’ve missed you,
Talking and laughing,
I’m happy that you’re happy now!

Thanks for not forgetting me,
The sweet and happy memories,
Will always bear fresh in my mind,
Thinking of it is fun!

Your hubby got jealous of me,
But hey, tell him don’t be!
We’re just like brother and sister,
You’re my sister!

How I am far apart from you,
I assure you that you will not be forgotten,
No matter what… you’re still my friend,
You’re still my sister!

Your brother is here,
When you need someone,
Oh, missed me?
Just look up the stars above,
I am there smiling at you! :)

► About the Author:
Marco, a blogger and the owner of Kol Me Empi. He came from Surigao del Norte and currently based in Quezon City. He is an avid supporter/ volunteer of PEBA.

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