Like many other chilly nights,
I will sit by the window sill---
I wonder if you know I exist.
I wonder…
There are so many questions---

…How do you look?
…Do we have the same eye color?
…Is my favorite food your favorite too?
…Do you want to see me?
…Where are you?

I grew up shadowed by what is real.
I grew up crying every night for there’s emptiness in my heart.
I can feel in my little hands the hole that had been there for years.
There is that empty spot that cannot be replaced by anyone, only you.
Christmas, New year, Mother’s day, Father’s day, birthday…
Many special occasions in my life had passed.
But, none of which--- not a single one had I seen your face.
I graduated without a special man greeting me, “Congrats!”
I cannot do anything but cry.
Tomorrow that I walked the aisle, alone…
I still wonder…
Where are you, dad?

► About the Author:
Mariz Bajado is a writer and a nursing student Capitol Medical Center Colleges. She came from Silang, Cavite. Visit her at Hidden Creation.

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