My Old Man

I would like to start by saying thank you to whom I owed my life - my father. I may not have enough or the right words to come up with on how much I value him and how special he is to me but I am not short on making him feel how grateful and lucky I am to be his daughter.
When we were very young, life is lived on a hand to mouth situation so to speak, all us 6 girls were raised through a never ending struggle in life. A god-fearing man, honest and has a good heart is all my father is and is all he have but managed somehow with all his might to make us feel life is worth living in his own little way. He believes that a father should stand by his family no matter what and he did so gracefully. The only complains we heard from him is a long deep breath when he comes back from work and a loud snore when he sleeps at night.

My father is basically my driving force in things I do, his significant influence on me is no doubt the reason what I am as a person today and this very person means the world to me. My old man is 83 years old and yet I am not ready to let him go, not just yet. I still want to enjoy the luxury of having both parents in my life, the luxury of having a grandfather to my children and the luxury of the profound and unconditional love we are getting and giving.

► About the Author:
Ms. Ning Bonaobra is a mother of two and proud Bicolana. She came from Batalay Bato, Catanduanes. She is currently working in Hongkong.

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