A Quest @ Flora Expo 2011

Flora Expo Pavilion to the future thru my vision is a unique creation of human technology. It enhanced our knowledge and provided us with idea on how to acknowledge, protect, conserve and preserve our flora and fauna.

Walking through the terrain sorrounded by botanical wildlife is like exploring in the midst of a deep forest. Fresh and relax by the attractive beauty of plants and fragrance of blooming flowers that filled us with awe.

We've learned that flowers and plants does not only beautify scenery but can be used as an alternatives for medical purposes. Others are being processed as supplemental drinks such as tea and flavored juices.

KUDOS to the Taipei City Government Department of Labor and their representatives for giving us the opportunity to make this expedition a memorable and unforgettable experience during our stay in TAIWAN.

More Power and GOD BLESS always!

► About the Author: Anne Samaniego came from Iloilo City. She is currently based in Taiwan. She is an active member of SAMAHANG MAKATA INTERNATIONAL.

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