Flowers inspires us, gives us sense of importance and puts a smile on every woman's face. When I was in college I met this impossibly shy but very smart guy who composes me poems out of boredom wrote me letters almost everyday and sends me flowers for no apparent reasons or occasions. I remembered well receiving a bunch of flowers where he picked from the neighbourhood without permission and that the flowers were so mangled up for being hidden under his jacket, stems are of different lenghts, petals are worn out but I had a moment of 'deja vu' regardless of the condition of it. And yes as much as I would like to put it in a vase and worship it, I just can't, receiving a flower from a guy when you are 17 years old is every parents agony so I have to hide it and of all places that I could think of, the poor thing ended up in between the then nipa roofing of our house and left it there till it dried out. The irony is, you received flowers when you do not have the chance to enjoy it and when you do it's hard to come by.

► About the Author:
Ms. Ning Bonaobra is a mother of two and proud Bicolana. She came from Batalay Bato, Catanduanes. She is currently working in Hongkong.

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