Life’s Realization and Counsels

Life is just like an old time rail journey … delays, sidetracks, smoke, dust, cinders, and jolts, interspersed only occasionally by beautiful vistas and thrilling bursts of speed. The trick is to thank the Lord for letting you have the ride. - Jenkin Lloyd Jones

I realized many great and important things in life, but the one thing that left a mark and will probably remain is the realization that life here on earth is only a fleeting moment in an eternity that lies ahead. Every decision that I make always align to this simple quote. If it is not for good, and will not take me to heaven, nah, forget it! Below are some of the few realizations that I have.

On Being a Poor Boy
We are only poor. We don’t have money. Mom and Dad separated, and we were left to the care of Mom, all alone. She worked too hard, struggling, and eventually took her life while on the line of duty, fulfilling the role, so noble, so divine – motherhood. That left me, 16, another 15, 10 and 6 years old kids fatherless, motherless, and homeless. I realized at that very young age the importance of letting go and holding up, of making decisions that requires sacrifice of self, for the good of others. Despite of the bitterness I felt, I decided to carry on, pursue education, finished college, worked, saved, and help my siblings too. Fast forward that 20 years ago, and it is now a complete different story. We graduated in college, 3 of us now working overseas, while the youngest among us is taking care of a small house and a small business. We all have the power to change our lives for the better. With determination and faith, we will succeed no matter what our circumstances maybe.

Married Life
I’ve been in love since I started to know the real meaning of the word. I failed a lot too. But in choosing the woman to marry, I realized a simple thing. I asked several questions in my mind. How come there are many broken marriages? How come husbands and men leave their wives, and look for someone dashing and younger? I answered those questions with a simple realization. I think the reason why they are leaving their wives is because they don’t really love them enough to sustain 20 or 30 years of togetherness. So in choosing a wife to marry, I make sure to marry someone that I really love SO MUCH enough for me to work hard and to give every happiness and joy she deserved. I’ll make sure I’ll love the woman SO MUCH enough for me to be contented that I will love no one else; I will look no one else, except her. In life, our primary source of happiness is our family. This might a simple counsel, but look for someone who love you very much and you love very much enough for you to sacrifice personal happiness for the joy of each other.

Being an OFW
It is not really an easy choice for me. I didn’t even dream to be here. My life was so simple that I too dreamed simple things. But as I gain knowledge and experiences, my dream got bigger, better and thus, I have to fan them. When I first went abroad 7 years ago, I have a list of things to accomplish. I will support my siblings finish their college. Done. I want to have a family of my own. Done. I want to have a piece of land, and a house to provide shelter for my family in times of rains and storms. On going. I want to put up a business to better serve and help others. Well, I am still an OFW, so that is not yet realized. Hehe. I hope every OFW will invest to something that is worthwhile. Rather than spending in LCD, LED, Big sound systems, expensive phones and cars, and other depreciating things, why not purchase an education or insurance plans, or buy a piece of land, or invest in a business?

Managing KABLOGS and PEBA
Kablogs and PEBA is what it is now because of the wonderful people who worked and spend their precious times tirelessly to serve others. Sometimes, not properly recognized, they still worked behind the scenes. Most of the time, uncompensated, they still continue to do their tasks even sometimes it is tiring, taking a tool on their family and work. KABLOGS and PEBA are not about me or about my family. It is about every OFW. The greatest realization I have had lately is that people in the organization will come and go, but the work will go forward and there are a lot of people willing to share their time, talents, and skills, for free out of the goodness in them, out of the faith that I largely believe, that serving others, is really serving God. May God bless each individual helping The Kablogs Journal, KABLOGS or Kababayan Blogs, and the Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards. May God bless us all with the strength to carry on, with the resources to move forward, and with the increase desire to make a difference in the lives of those we serve.

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Kenji is Mr. Thoughtskoto in the blogging world. His story and his life is one of endurance: he was six when his dad left him; he is the eldest among four siblings; his mom died of cancer when he was 16; he self supported himself through college. He now works as a quality engineer in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, and is a doting father to Hevyn and a loving hubby to Shiela (and adds: "a grandfather to Hevyn's pet duck".)
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