Life Realization: A Close Call

I am a survivor if not an achiever in my own right. I always had the chance to find things I’m good at. My life though not great is very convenient since at a young age of 20, I am already earning real money. It gives me stability, confidence and pride and I always feel privileged than my peers but this perception however is vague and sometimes even ambiguous.

Deep inside I am not the happiest person. I used to whine even the tiniest discomfort in life, from people back home instead of saying hello when they see me, asking me same old question of, “when did you arrive?” on a day to day basis in my entire stay of two months is deafening to people greeting me merry Christmas in a middle of July.

The patterns of defeat defined my life. It was in August of 2002 my kitchen caught fire from a gas stove leakage, an incident that could burned my entire house if not from an outpouring help from the villagers. People arrived carrying their own buckets in their hands and it is overwhelming to see at least fifty men posting next to one another and passing buckets of water to extinguish the fire while some are trying to save our belongings. I froze and thought what a close call.

I did lost huge part of my kitchen though but I gained a profound compassion and care from so many people whom I also owed a big chunk of gratitude. I rendered them my trust and respect which is long since overdue and I began to breakdown the journey of becoming the best version of myself.

► About the Author:
Ms. Ning Bonaobra is a mother of two and proud Bicolana. She came from Batalay Bato, Catanduanes. She is currently working in Hongkong.

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