Faith on Each Other

I have a seemingly impossible need today. I rarely had a good sleep for the couple of days. I wonder what would I write and share about my faith. How could I justify the April TKJ theme: Life Realization without being label as a so called pretentious and how would we deliver the 1st Anniversary of TKJ. I long for answers to the unending questions but the question itself is unresponsive. The emotions are vividly and loudly manipulate my mind however I round the alternative route that will offer me peace, it's HOME.

TKJ is like our home. We discuss every issues and concerns with so much devotion and love. Along the way we had ups and downs, highs and lows but never did I remembered that we argue to the point it became personal. We have so much respect with each other. One thing we can be proud of, the delicate issues remain on us, remains in the YM conference. We have a level of mutual understanding which I thought was impossible. It is a place where i can be ME, just me. It is where imperfections existed but understanding prevails. It is where differences are oppurtunity for us to become a better individual. Acceptance is the main ingredient in making this far. All of us are appreciative, there's no big or small amount of work. No one is above or below, we are equal. The secret of our good teamwork is our faith on each other. We achieve friendship in every sense of the word.

As Christian, Lenten Season is a very important to all of us. In a world where pride and prejudice abound, Jesus offers us the joy of unity across all the lines that so easily divide us. No doubt God’s greatest gift to us is our relationship with His Son Jesus. It is the gift that beyond comparison. He loves us. He walks with us and carries in times of troubles. He is always there as our shining armor. He never dispise us even in the eyes of so many people we are the worse one. In HIS eyes, we are the image of His grace and love. One touch of His hands will makes us a new one. The same hand that molds us, the same hands that change us and the same hand who embraced and loved us unconditionally.

The Seven Last Words Of Christ:
1. Father, forgive them for they know not what they do
2. Today you will be with me in Paradise
3. Behold your son: behold your mother
4. My God, my God why have you forsaken me
5. I thrist
6. It is finished
7. Into your hands I commit my spirit

Our praise in His mighty name. We pray that He will always guides us in our future endeavors. We are blessed one year had passed but we still carry the torch of unbroken camaraderie. We are looking forward for more years and more inspiring stories to tell that will change the lives of every OFW's. We are thankful for the generosity of all contributors, visitors, and readers. To TKJ Team job well done! To all of us CHEERS!

► About the Author:
Bhing is an OFW, as Caregiver based in Taiwan. A Top 7 Blog Winner of PEBA 2010 on her official entry entitled "Pagsasalamin sa Salitang Pamilya". She writes poems and poetries via her blog Gumamela sa Paraiso. She is now the new Editor-in-Chief and regular columnist for TKJ.
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