Summer Fun at the Underground River

Mention “summer fun” to me and the first thing that comes to my mind is the Underground River in Palawan. It is included as one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. I supported its bid for the New Seven Wonders of Nature but never it came to my mind that one day, I would come to this majestic, enchanted and oh-la-la, so very, very beautiful wonder of nature. I have been to the different parts of our country from A(bra) to Z(amboanga) and in one of my journeys, the underground River left a deep impression on me.

From Puerto Princesa City of Palawan, I traveled for two hours to reach Sabang, the gateway to the Underground River. My tour-guide Kuya Boboy showed to me “the century old tomato tree.” Believe me, he is the best tour guide I ever had. If you go to Palawan, everybody knows him.

From Sabang, I rented a boat going to the Underground River. It was like being transported to a new world. Kuya Boboy told me that in Underground River, animals and humans lived in peaceful and loving co-existence – and it unfolded before my very eyes! Giant lizards can walk freely without being threatened by the presence of the many people in the area. They even stop for light pictorials. Monkeys are friendly too. They could even walk with you.

After my Palawan escapade, I told myself, “Wait, I’m coming back.”

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