Summer Memories

The March issue of The Kablogs Journal focuses on SUMMER FUN. The memories in the past that bring back all the smiles in our faces, the fun of celebrating with our love-ones and what’s our dream summer vacation that keeps running in our mind.

Summer is one of the anticipated seasons. When the word summer entered in our mind we see happy moments, pictures of beaches, lovers looking at the sunset, outings, picnics, weddings and alumni homecomings. It is also a time to rekindle relationship with our broken hearts and for some, it is a right time to let go and start all over again. There’s always a magic in the word summer because aside from fun it’s also signifies the new perspective of our lives, new hope to look forward. A hope that says in spite of the rainy days the sun shines again, willing to give us new direction, new path and new horizon.

I had so many cherished memories during summer. In my youth, summer means beaches and family gatherings. My Aunts/ Uncles and cousin come to our place and sometimes we spent vacation in their place too. I was mesmerized by summer on how it strengthened my ties with them. Until now, it gives me sense of relief knowing that we bonded very well. Those summers keep us family, a harmonious relationship with everyone.

As an OFW, summer of 2002 was a hard one. I came here March 6, 2002. I felt so alone and lonely but the experienced taught me to value my friends and family. It was one of my trying times, living miles away from my country yet I quelled all the anxiety because of the supports of my love ones.

As for the moment, I am looking forward in having a good summer break. I am so excited to go home.

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Bhing is an OFW, as Caregiver based in Taiwan. A Top 7 Blog Winner of PEBA 2010 on her official entry entitled "Pagsasalamin sa Salitang Pamilya". She writes poems and poetries via her blog Gumamela sa Paraiso. She is now the new Editor-in-Chief and regular columnist for TKJ.
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