Summer Fun In Disneyland (Hongkong)

I couldn’t be any happier when my two children came to visit me in Hongkong since school year just ended then I thought spending their summer with me is a great of an idea. It has been their dream to travel abroad and I also wanted them to see the place where I am working and sure enough Disneyland is pretty much part of their holiday.

We picked Wednesday as our Disneyland day hoping it is not as crowded as weekends we headed early so we have one full day to explore and experience the land of fantasy as my son call it. We got there just in time it is about to open and just by the sight of the gate alone my two kids was so happy that their eyes sparkles in awe, the place my daughter Samara as she puts it, is like a paradise. As for myself it is almost embarrassing but there is a child came out from within me, a wonderful feeling to indulge for a while.

As we excitingly roam around enjoying every attractions and shaking hands with every Disney characters we met, the princesses to my daughters delight obliged to pose for photographs while my son Sven was so happy to see his favorite toy when he was a young boy woody came to life standing next to him and in full gear. The zafari show is one of my top priority to watch, the performance of the acrobats genuinely paid off the extensive training and rehearsals, it was magnificent and the dancers as well that in my personal opinion deserves an standing ovation for their knockout performance instead settles for a less generous of applause from the audience. Next we hit the Donald duck show where we were handed an oversized colored glasses and that is when for the first time realized that 3D works magic. The next stop that caught my attention has a long queue and based on that I thought maybe it’s worth to check out what is going on, inside is so dark that we even needed the staff to guide everyone to their seats and they made it sure that we buckle up and sit firmly and told us to be ready for a space mountain ride, I was nervous when I heard it because it’s been a while since my last ferris wheel ride which is nothing compared to this ride but it’s too late to back out, I’m all set so I just hang on to a dear life. It is way more than a joy ride but a series of high speed rolling and dropping and a terrifically thrilling ride. When it is finally over I zigzagged my way out, feeling cross eyed and the world outside seems upside down while my kids was so thrilled that even went back in for more I thought, I’d call it a day. I seek comfort in a bench and took pride watching the high school musical show parade that consists mostly of very talented Filipino entertainers. I must admit once again that I am so proud to be a Filipino in a foreign land and it was indeed a day full of fun and excitement for us.

► About the Author:
Ms. Ning Bonaobra is a mother of two and proud Bicolana. She came from Batalay Bato, Catanduanes. She is currently working in Hongkong.

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RJ said...

wow. disneyland is the perfect place for the all family. its a wonderful experience for your kids ning, lalo cguro na if kasama si daddy.. awesome!

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