Long Distance Relationship

by : MarcoPaolo 
Before I write this, I prayed to our Lord to bless and guide me to put appropriate words in the messages that I am conveying… I am thinking of a perfect word to describe this kind of relationship, I am talking of “Long Distance Relationship”.

What is it?

Does it work?

They said, long distance relationship is a BIG NO, NO! They said that it is difficult to sustain one such relationship and will not work out because you are far from each other.

Some people would use the latest kind of technology (like cellular phone and internet access) to communicate each other. But still the relationship suffers and it ends up nothing!

This relationship, for me, is challenging! Because it measures your patience, perseverance and faithfulness to the one you love. If you truly love someone, you must to stick with her/him no matter how far the physical distance is. Whether you can’t hug, kiss or even make love with her/him, you must be willing to wait because the time will come that you will be together.

With God’s providence, when the two shall be together…. you can do whatever you want to do with your love one. To fully express your feelings and experience intimate moments when the two of you are in the dark.    That can happen when both of you can overcome the trials in your relationship. And that will make you the happiest lover in the whole world. Because LOVE is patient and Love is kind!

Distance, in fact, is a big challenge in any relationship. Some relationship failed because they didn’t work

it out and they allowed temptation to set in, destroying the relationship in the process. So, enjoy what God’s give you. Savor all the moments together when you with her/him. Show your love.

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Bhing said...

before i met my fiance, i don't believe in LDR but right now i do believe in the capacity of everyone to handle LDR or not because temptation is just like a thin layer of skin. everywhere temptation is crawling to destroy a relationship it will depend on both party hw they will stand UNITED in their goal and love.

Trust/respect/commitment but based sa experience ko in order to work out COMPROMISE is the basic ingredient para maging sucessful ang relasyon.

Keep writing Mc Coy!

Anonymous said...

it WAS my belief that this ain't gonna work.

it WAS a big NO for me.


I found out... it's LOVE that keeps people together. not all partners are happy together, not all partners are inlove together. Some are just depending on each other because there's no one else to depend on. because their NEED for each other is greater than their LOVE...

Distance is not a problem in any relationship. it's just people always put blame on it!

No matter how near or far... if it's LOVE, it will conquer all. And will never get tired :)

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