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September, I believe, is one of the most anticipated months for most of the people around the globe. For those living in the northern hemisphere, the ninth month of the year means an absolute relief from the scorching heat of summer. Swim suits and trunks would gradually find their way back to the closet, while the mothball-smelling jumpers and long-sleeved shirts and blouses must be very glad to be released from the pain of asphyxiation inside the congested dressers.

The residents of the world down under will, definitely, be doing the opposite thing. I can feel the excitement of the populace on this side of the southern hemisphere as they rise from their seasonal hibernation and embark upon their outdoor sports and activities such as gardening, fishing, crabbing and, unsurprisingly, swimming! But before the snow started to melt in the Remarkable Mountains of Queenstown in New Zealand and in the alpine villages of Mt. Buller in Australia, Nick—a KaBlogger from NZ had been surprised by the emergence of daffodils in their garden. Try to visit Nick’s ‘front yard’ so he could show you these lovely star-like flowers and share a touching story as well as the beliefs behind these.

The first Sunday of September is also a very special day for all the daddies in most parts of Oceania. Australia, Fiji, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea will be celebrating Father’s Day on the fifth of this month. A lot of things for dad are on sale now! So while the sons and daughters are very busy buying some special things for their dad, it is also the best time for the non-fathers or a paternal orphan, like me, to grab a bargain for myself in most of the shops in the Big Smoke.
Speaking of smoke... well, another kind of smoke, actually, I am certain that on September 5, the kitchens ‘down here’ will be very busy preparing a special Sunday roast, salads, barbie (an Australian slang word for barbecue), a bowl of trifle or pavlova to make dad happy during his day. I am sure the Adobong Blog will share something about their Father’s Day celebration in NZ, so don’t forget to visit this site a day or two after dad’s day.

September marks the start of a series of ‘ber’ months. The music or ads in any of the FM or television stations in the Christian community across the globe would surely herald the approaching celebration of the Saviour’s birth! Christmas countdown would usually start during the first day of this month because everybody is very excited of the coming holiday season.

September 2010 also means ‘festivity’ to all our Muslim brothers and sisters as they end the month-long Ramadan and celebrate Eid ul-Fitr on the tenth of this month. My Iranian friends ‘down here’ must be looking forward to enjoy their special kebabs that day. I, actually, love Persian kebabs – the barg (lamb), koobideh (minced lamb) and joojeh (chicken), especially if eaten with rice, a grilled tomato—all dashed with a reddish brown spice called somaagh!

...but I am not in Australia on the tenth; I’ll be in the Philippines for a 3-week holiday. Airports around the world will surely be implementing more stringent security measures this month as we commemorate the ninth anniversary of the 911 terrorism. Anyhow, I am still willing to undergo some 'major-major' airport security checks; I am so excited to see my family and friends, and to finally satisfy my year-long craving for goat papaitan!

That’s all for The Pacific Breeze this September 2010.

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