This August, in Issue 5 of your The Kablogs Journal, we bring to you The PEBA Primer for the commencement of the Philippine OFW/Expat Blog Awards 2010. This Season 3 theme is “Strengthening the OFW Families: Stronger Homes for a Stronger Nation”.

We hope that after reading the articles in this issue, especially the PEBA Primer that we have painstakingly prepared for you, you will be encouraged to join PEBA 2010. Do. Because a lot of people -- us, your kablogers, included -- are waiting to hear your voices. Who knows? You could be the winners that PEBA 2010 are looking for.

About the Cover

We used the new PEBA logo as our cover for this August issue. The two characters in our cover -- what look like an 'f' shape and an upside heart -- read 'pa' and 'ba' in Baybayin. PEBA, in other words. (Baybayin is an old Filipino script used by our ancestors even before the Spaniards came. It became popular in the 1600s but slowly vanished after 1700s. Jose Rizal in his work 'Sa Aking Mga Kababata' wrote: "Ang salita nati'y huwad din sa iba, na may alfabeto at sariling letra, na kaya nawala'y dinatnan ng sigwa, ang lunday sa lawa noong dakong una").

Like baybayin, our family -- an OFW family most especially -- faces a lot of tempests (sigwa), and PEBA's 2010 theme is a reminder how we should (and must) keep it strong and sturdy and united.

Baybayin translation is courtesy of Eagles Corner.
Information on baybayin was taken from
Baybayin, The Ancient Script of the Philippines.
Line from Jose Rizal's poem were sourced from

Speaking of family, The Kablogs Journal welcomes Mr. Drake of Saudi Arabia as the newest member of our editorial team. Also, we'd like to thank Mr. Jose Santiago Tan of Thailand for giving us the domain,

Thank you very much, mga sir!

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