The PEBA Walkthrough

As you know, the editorial tandem of Nebz of Isla de Nebz and Sundrenched of The Pink Tarha, is a product of the PEBA 2009. To say that we have been changed by our PEBA experience is an understatement. The PEBA 2009 has paved the way for us to come up with The Kablogs Journal and we are grateful for this opportunity to be of service to our fellow OFWs and expats. Because we so want to coerce urge you to join the Pinoy OFWs/Expats Blog Awards 2010, here's a PEBA walkthrough and some tips and tricks to guide you.

Before you join, see if you're eligible to join:

[click to enlarge]

To summarize that: You are an OVERSEAS FILIPINO BLOGGER.

If you're all cleared to join, here's a diagram of the process:

[click to enlarge]

As you can see in our "map" (sorry, a Photoshop newbie here!), it's pretty simple to join. There are just some logos and banners that needs to be placed in strategic areas within your blog and entry to distinguish you as nominees but they're easy to put. Just copy the codes from here.

After you are nominated, it's pretty much a waiting game from that point onwards. We suggest you gather your friends and plead ask them to read your entry and vote for you.

Always remember that during the first phase of PEBA, your blog entry on the theme is the most important of all. This is your key to becoming a finalist come November 2010. So give yourself time to come up with something that is truly a heartfelt and passionate.

Here's the information on everything you need to know about PEBA, the full version:

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