5 Reasons to Join PEBA 2010

1. The PEBA 2010 is fun. Of course it's a serious contest but the people behind PEBA is making sure that this contest is fun for all of you. PEBA 2010 is an improved version of the past two seasons. This contest is uncomplicated. The guidelines, rules, and criteria are simple enough. Here's a walkthrough for you, TKJ style. The officers are approachable and friendly and you will not have a hard time communicating with them. (But please don't bombard them with questions that can be answered by the PEBA site.) It is an enjoyable journey from the time it opened up to the closing remarks at the PEBA night on December 2010. Oh, and even beyond that.

2. PEBA 2010 is a way to discover yourself more. It is the objective of this year's theme to talk about families and aren't we all a member of a family? Your entry to the PEBA will help you delve into your past, present, and future to look for a unique angle on family that you'll eventually write about, publish, and share to the whole world. With this process, you will discover more about yourself: how you look, deal, and act on issues that are important to you. Your entry is a part of who you are.

3. PEBA 2010 is an avenue for exposure. Let's face it, you blog because you want to share a piece of yourselves to others. Be it your sentiments, thoughts, ramblings, and emotions. We want others to read us. And in joining PEBA, you'll get just that: more readers. PEBA opens up an opportunity to get to know your readers- other people who might agree or disagree with what you write, but whose opinions you need to improve your writing style, blogging habits, and blog aesthetics.

4. PEBA 2010 is a channel for your talents. You want to write? To draw? To direct a video? To showcase your photography skills? PEBA 2010 welcomes all kinds of entries from articles to artworks to videos to photos. PEBA 2009 winner Nebz Bandiez of Isla de Nebz showed his drawings and got the attention of the judges for uniqueness and creativity. PEBA 2010 gives you the freedom to be creative and resourceful in your entry. But don't forget, whatever you create, it should be in accordance to this year's theme: Strengthening the OFW Families: Stronger Homes for a Stronger Nation. Good thing, the theme, though focused on family, is versatile enough and has a lot of angles to it.

5. PEBA 2010 is a corridor to the global landscape. PEBA 2010 has opened its doors for bloggers who are not OFWs or expats but support the cause of the OFWs. Through PEBA and the entries joining, non-OFWs and the people left behind in the Philippines are given a glimpse of the OFW lives in a more personal approach. The news seen and heard in the media (television, news websites, radio, etc.) displays the myriad lives of Filipinos living abroad but there's nothing like reading and hearing them from the primary source. Your personal accounts of your experiences as OFWs and expats are more genuine, more intimate, more inspiring, and more enlightening. You are the global Pinoy and PEBA lets you prove it.

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