Trips, celebrations and see-sawing emotions

There's a lot of celebrations among our kabloggers in Asia. First, congratulations to Tokyo-based Caryn Paredes of Sari-Saring Kulay for a new baby boy ("Rui Sebastian Santillan aka P-Chan")! Ryheanne of South Korea went Japanese to celebrate her hubby's birthday. Rey Asis too is celebrating the win of Gabriela in Hongkong, by a large margin! Bechay of Buhay sa Korea is ecstatic about the forthcoming 2010 World Cup in Korea. Sardonyx of Hulascoop is relocating to Seattle, Washington soon, and hopes that she'd be unlike Meg Ryan: sleepless. Phil of Wits and Spirits is excited about the opening of classes in Thailand. He will be handling 11 classes this schoolyear! That's 600 Thai kids to teach! He says it's inspiring; I say it's nerve-wracking.

There are a few who let us into a various trips: Reanaclaire of Malaysia venturing Cameron Highlands; Coffeeveggie Addict of Taiwan took some wonderful photos of Cheng Ching Lake; Josiet of Mumsified takes you to a seaside restaurant in Cambodia, her and her hubby's fave hangout with his hubby (oh, and she also proudly shows us her own design of a Swarovski necklace); Maris of Style Shanghai takes us on a tour inside the Shanghai Expo; Sreisaat of Cambodia takes you to her roadtrip to Kep; after a second try, PinkAddict finally had a chance to try a breakfast at Pink Sage Diner (she had banana pancakes and hazelnut coffee).

And true to this month's theme, I also learned a lot from some of our Asia-based kabloggers. For instance, I didn't know that Mimi of Sleepless in KL dreamt of becoming a doctor and almost made it in fact! Read her heartwarming article. Japan-based Mommy Ek's 146th post is simply profound! It reads: You can't control what you feel, only what you think. Once you learn how to control how you think, your feelings will follow. Ever heard of "rhetorical sensitivity" Well, Earvin of Rated E in Brunei explains it to us and advises that we should apply it when writing stuffs about ourselves. Roanne of Macao (The Journey of the Prodigal Daughter) honors the three OFWs in her life: her hairstylist, her masseuse, and her househelp. Her writing is simply touching.

Our other kabloggers are in see-saw of emotions. MommaWannabe of Singapore is on her 11th week now and she feels quite bored already. Hold on, friend. A few more months and there'll already be a bundle of joy for your family. Gasoline Dude of Singapore fell in love (again!) and is nursing a heartache (again!), thus "ayoko munang makipag-date kahit kanino", says he. Hmmm, I'll give you....three weeks? Scofield Jr of Singapore warns us of red horse because 'naninipa yan!', thus his advice: drink in moderation. Kikomatching is down but hopeful as writes about the recent event in Bangkok which put the city 'in shambles'. Zen Bitchin' of Cambodia reviews A Single Man, the movie. Saw the movie myself and I totally agree with what he said. Amidst her gigs, Jenny Santiago of Vietnam writes about and expresses her hate of the inhumane practice of sharkfinning. And all I can say to Carnation of Thailand is ditto! as she asks what can Globe do with crimes committed through their cell phone system.

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