This is the first time

Hi, I'm Sundrenched and I'm now a part of the Kablogs Journal. Of course, in true Pink Tarha fashion, I will not be the serious, grumpy editor around (although I doubt it if there will be one among us). I'm gonna color this online magazine until it becomes pink, light, and fab... until my EIC whacks me for being too kikay. Lol.

Since we're talking about beginnings, fresh start, first times... I'll tell you my "OFW" life's favorite first times...

1. First time to land in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I was prepared but still clueless as hell. Especially at the Saudi immigration. Darn that line.

2. First time to wear the abaya and the tarha (veil). I kept on tripping on my black dress. My veil kept on sliding off my hair. It still happens all the time. Yep, even a year and a half later.

3. First time to see a muttawa (religious police). I've memorized their look ever since.

4. First time to eat a Saudi shawarma. Isa pa nga please? And I have been having seconds since the first time I fell in love with the street food.

5. First time to write a column. I am being my talkative self, going nowhere.

How's your first time abroad? How's your first culture shock? How's your first neighbor in the new land? How's your first relationship? How's your first ... ?! What am I saying?

What I'm saying is, this is THE KABLOGS JOURNAL's first time. So please be gentle to us. We're still ironing out every kinks and getting into the [work]flow. Other than that, ignore my ramblings and enjoy this maiden issue.

XOXO from the sun country,

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Mr. Thoughtskoto said...

Congrats Miss J! Thanks to you and the Pink Tarha for the support and for you and Nebz for leading the Editorial Team. This is issue is so good, I have to read each entry! More!

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