In Full Bloom

A start of something beautiful

Morning dew

Blooms and blushes

Spring has truly begun even in the vast dry desert, as Keith shoots roses and stargazers at a recent ballet recital in Al-Khobar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It's spring break for their family!

Keith Sy is a dedicated husband and father of three, currently enjoying a real desert adventure with his family in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. When he arrived in Saudi Arabia in 2006, he always orders his favorite broasted chicken (Abu Nawas) for dinner because it was reasonably-priced, filling and delicious. Needless-to-say, regularly eating a four-piece chicken all by himself contributed to his weight gain and unhealthy diet (normal for KSA OFWs and expats, lol). Nowadays, he fancy eating chicken shawarma whenever he craves for local food. The lamb kabsa, while a delicacy here in the Kingdom, is a no-no for him because of its strong flavour and unappealing appearance.

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Mr. Thoughtskoto said...

Thanks Keith and Pinky for sharing your photography talent to KABLOGS. You guys have wonderful cameras, haha, talents, and beautiful family! Shokran!

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