Breaking ground. Groundbreaking.

Breaking ground. Groundbreaking. They have exactly the same set of letters, but they have entirely different meanings. One is a celebration of a start of something (normally used in building construction). The other one means achieving something that was never done before, characterized by innovation and originality.

The online publication of The Kablogs Journal's maiden issue is, for me, an exercise that is both breaking ground and groundbreaking.

(It is also seriously backaching, if I should say, because the work behind this journal is no joke).

We are breaking fresh grounds by enjoining the members of the Kablogs family (when I checked the last count, we're numbering around xxx) to share their thoughts and talent to our journal. That's a total of xx ideas waiting to be uncovered and featured.

The journal is groundbreaking in a sense that it pooled together some of the winners of the recently conducted Philippine Expat/OFW Blog Awards (PEBA). (It's like asking the top winners of the recently concluded Oscar's to act in one film! Cool!).

On behalf of the whole team, I welcome you to the maiden issue of your journal. Your's because we are opening this journal to all who wish to contribute materials (stories, essays, poetries, photographs, etc) for our future issues.

Feel free to read the contents of The Kablogs Journal, and please do share us your feedback.

(PS: Nebz of the Dez was a shortened word for Nebz of the Saudi desert.)

Nebz is a self-confessed 'kuripot'. He doesn't wear a wristwatch and never will you see him with a jewelry. He currently lives in Alkhobar, Saudi Arabia where he works as, to Nebz's own words, 'an office slave'.

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Pinky said...

Love the play of words as well as the fab column name! Congrats on the maiden issue - good job, Nebz and the editorial team! :)

Mr. Thoughtskoto said...

Congrats again, this is the beginning, and it begins so good, which mean, more good will be coming! Salamat sa effort mo and Miss J. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent and for believing in KABLOGS. You're simply, awesome!

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