The Sky Cries again…

The rain falls with a soft cadence against the window pane.

I watch it snake behind the glass to pool against the sides.

Wistfully, my eyes follow its trail –

Mesmerized, I watch the raindrops merge –

And fall…

Life is pretty amazing,

Full of things unexpected –

Full of pain,

Of laughter,

Our souls clash in an endless dance,

We cast ourselves against each other –

Like the waves forever crashing on the shore,

Memories lie jumbled in the rocks and sand,

Where jagged point of fears are smoothed by time,

Then broken once more.

And so the rain continues to fall –

From the hidden wounds created, the sky bleeds,

Gingerly at first, the raindrops fall –

Drizzles into fine mist, and then –

Like one’s raging emotions kept inside –

The trickle becomes a torrent that pours down,

And washes everything away.

► About the author:
Jani Domawa is one of the Nominee at PEBA 2011 with his Entry The Exodus of Talent 3: Going back Home....

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