Humbling and Enriching

My winning in PEBA was a humbling experience because my blog feted with equally wonderful blogs (some of them I even consider as better written than mine), most of whom are authored by people I consider as friends in the blogosphere. What came after winning PEBA was a far more enriching episode in my blogging life.


I tremendously enjoyed Batch 2009 of PEBA basically because of my interaction with fellow nominees. It was also encouraging because I knew that people were reading my entries, commenting about it, linking it in their own blogs, etc.

It was a high time of my blogging experience.

I was like that Energizer Bunny on uppers. I don't think of what to write because thoughts just flowed incessantly. And the kinds of what I write about during that time were varied -- from seeing an ant to disposing advises about relationships to providing tips on responsible blogging.

I had a blogging life during PEBA, and my winning in 2009 was only an icing to the proverbial cake. The meat of my PEBA experience was in having a blogkada with Pinoy bloggers around the world.


Right after I won PEBA, I immediately changed my header. A big no-no.

I also had a change in style. Whereas I constantly write thrice a week, my frequency slide down from three to nil a month. A big no-no.

And because I no longer update my blog, I lost touch with my blogging friends. Another big no-no.

Lesson for PEBA contenders and would-be winners: Win or lose, stay as grounded as you are. And keep blogging and interacting with fellow bloggers!

Oh yes, the winners of 2009 also had a hand on TKJ (The Kablogs Journal). It was a labor. It was of love.

Labor because we had to come up with series of articles on a monthly basis. And boy was it really difficult because I primarily lacked the sociability of Bing Comiso (hat's off, Bing, Charlie, Rose, Kiko, et al) in ensuring that articles trickle every month's end.

Of love because the process of publishing articles was not easy. Had to source articles from other bloggers, edit their contributions, proof-read it for errors, lay it out, link it, etc, etc. As my friends in Saudi jokingly tell me: Dinuguan ang trabahong 'yan!

But it was a fulfilling job until I finally begged off to give way to the new TKJ editors for 2011. It was a sound decision because TKJ now has more readerships than when it was first published during our time.

Congrats, guys, and don't ever think we don't read you. Janelle of Pink Tarha and I do (and I'm sheepishly grinning while rubbing two hands together with a witchy hihihi laughter).

Thanks, PEBA. It was an enriching experience that Isla de Nebz will forever remember and keep in the heart.

Salamat po at pagpalain nawa tayo ng Panginoon.

► About the author:
Nebz is a self-confessed 'kuripot'. He doesn't wear a wristwatch and never will you see him with a jewelry. He currently lives in Kuwait where he works as, to Nebz's own words, 'an office slave'.

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