Once in a lifetime
he will only come along
to show you love like no other
from the day you were born.

He bestow a certain glow
warm, light and fun
a prompt call from the past
when i used to be young.

His is a presence
I'm well familiar with
every details etched in memory
of how it used to be.

If only I had told him
while he was still around
how much he meant to me
and not now when he is gone

It bring tears to know
in my heart the love remains and grows
to the one, my life I owe
though in heaven now.....

....Itay, I love you so.

► About the author:
Eng is currently based in Somerset, United Kingdom with her family and working as an OR nurse. According to her, she is not a poet but she loves to rhyme, neither a photographer though she is enjoying taking snaps of things she finds interesting. She writes her poems and post her photos at The Salitype Society and at her own page called Poetic Murmurings.
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Misalyn said...

Thank you so much Eng for sharing this poem with us. This poem reminded me of my father.

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