Summer Romance

(taken during the yearly election of Samahang Makata International)

In my heart I know,
That love has never felt so right,
Lucky was I to find you,
Our paths just crossed by chance,
Thru a distant communication,
Our feelings were enhanced,
And now our lives are intertwined,
In a beautiful summer romance.

Lucky am I to have you,
Your smile, your touch and your kiss,
Your loving care and promises,
My heart could not feel happier,
Or even luckier than this.

Our love were full of laughters,
Sharing hopes and dreams together,
Never let it be like those flowers,
That blooms only during summer,
But let it be like a river,
That will flow continuously forever.

Your words of love is like a song,
To help when things are going wrong,
Your soothing voice can make me smile,
And make everything seems more worthwhile,
How happy are we; who walk in-love,
Hope we will be blessed by God.

► About the Author:
Anne Samaniego came from Iloilo City. She is currently based in Taiwan. She is an active member of SAMAHANG MAKATA INTERNATIONAL.

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