As the world turns

by Dinah Olina

As the world turns
Life's metamorphosis seems arduous to embrace
When it ensnares me unprepared
And acquiescence is all I could muster

As the world is turning
A dreadful emotion of solitude overcomes me
As I gaze at the lines and ridges of my countenance
Wondering if the hands of time turned hastily

As the world takes another turn
A revived hope flourished in me
Optimism proliferates as I welcome
what life bestows upon me

Beauty of an innocuous soul is perceived
Fortitude which sprouts from pain is gained
Tolerance for injustices is acquired
Wisdom from failures is reaped

A tinge of light in darkness becomes apparent
Shades and hues of understanding become vivid
Love predominates in all of life's abstraction
And the world turns into a better place.

{ Dinah's other poem in this issue. }

► About the author: Dinah Olino blogs at Simply Dinahmic. Writing has always been in her blood but only became passionate about it just recently. "It helps me ease my homesickness knowing that I could share a part of me with my family and friends through writing." Feel free to visit Dinah's blog and enjoy her wonderful writings there.

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