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On Jan 31, 2009 Tope wrote: We express emotions through writing lalo na kung malayo ka sa mga kaibigan mo o sa mga taong nakakausap mo madalas at nahihingahan ng advices, opinions, thoughts, etc. We get contented of writing it and kasi minsan dumadating sa buhay ng tao na magiging mag isa ka na lang pala sa byahe ng buhay; mag-isang naglalakbay. And unknowingly, sa pag-e-express mo, sa pagsusulat mo, sa pag post ng emotion mo, you inspire people na nakakabasa nito. Astig noh! from simple expression at self contentment, nakaka inspire ka!

That, in gist, is what Christopher Luzana's blog TopExpress is about: Open. True. Very real. Always into 'changing for a better life and living'.

In 2009, he won 7th place in PEBA 2010 for his sometimes-too-serious-but-otherwise-very-light posts about life, relationships, his failures, his dreams, etc.

Tope at work...or at play?...

He is an OFW in Canada.

KBJ: Five adjectives that describe you.

Tope: I find it a hard time giving or thinking adjectives that best describes me. I usually asked friends to describe me the way they see me or knew me. Siguro masasabi ko lang, family oriented, matiyaga at mapangarap.

Tope and his siblings

Five things that your friends/family don't know about you.

If I tell it here then they would know it. :P

Your PEBA 2009 entry is about 'Pangarap' and it discusses about how you realized your dream for your mom. What about you? What is your dream for yourself, and how do you plan to achieve it?

I only have a simple dream for myself: it is to have a happy and loving family of my own, and have a successful life in the future.

How I am trying to achieve it? By simply sticking to what I want even before.

Keeping myself motivated and determined to achieve whatever I wanted in life. If in case nakakakalimot ako, I go back to the basics.

Narrate how you become an OFW.

It all started when my mom and I were talking under our mango tree one early morning. From the discussions about our life, the hardships we had, she cried and hugged me telling me how she wished she could utter the word, "hirap na ako... hirap na hirap na ako!".

Mula noon, hindi ako tumigil na maghanap ng trabaho palabas ng bansa para maibigay ang mga bagay na ipinagkait sa amin ng tadhana ng buhay.

Luckily, I got a job in Saudi after applying in 30 agencies in Manila. :D

Narrate how you landed in Saudi Arabia and then later in Canada.

It was 2004 when I got a job in Saudi as a Department Secretary sa isang Telecom company. Year after year and with God's grace, napo-promote ako siguro dahil na din sa determination at t'yaga ko sa work.

Siguro pangarap din ng nakararaming Pilipino na maranasan ang white Christmas o makaunta sa bansang may snow.

It was 2007 when I started passing resume's online and surfing the net. Luckily, it was 2008 when a friend of mine asked me to send my resume online to her boss and kaboooom! here I am! :D

Narrate to us your 24-hour day in Canada.

Hmmm... ang hirap naman! Hehe...

I work at the airport so my hours are flexible. Basta I always make sure na whenever I am working or not, I make sure na mag enjoy sa buhay.

Tope shoots photos, too.

Three of his works are shown here.

If ever I am off, you could just find me in the laundry room or the basement surfing the net. sometimes if we are off, then we go out and shop around. :D

Five things that you hate; five things that you like.





The brightest of your OFW life.

When I got my last promotion as a senior executive secretary. At nang mapagtapos ko 'ung sister ko sa college. NICE!!!!

The darkest of your OFW life.

Every Christmas season when I am away from them. :(

Tips to PEBA 2010 entrants.

Write through your heart.

Message to your fellow OFWs.

To my fellow PEBA-nians ahahha... being an OFW doesn't mean we are gold miners. Write to satisfy yourself and continue to be an inspiration to many. BEST OF LUCK guys!

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