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There are bloggers who make us think with their witty, smart comments on political issues. There are bloggers who make us cry with their personal sentiments about life. There are bloggers who make us angry with their fearless attacks on the government or whatever it is that is bothering them. And then, there are bloggers who make us smile, or better yet, laugh with their funny anecdotes and "keeping it real" style of writing. Such is the case with Ms. Amy Menta, who is bringing us, for five years and counting, entries that are full of humor and fun (no dull moments!).

Bonjour, Madame Amalia!

Ms. Amalia Menta, or Amy to some friends, is your typical Overseas Filipino Worker. She went abroad in 1998 and she has not looked back since. Until now, she’s still living in France, her second home, and is now married to a Frenchman. She depicts her life as a non-stop soap opera. She seems like the rest of us, but upon reading her blog, you’ll realize that there’s something about Amy but je ne sais quoi. Let me help you with that “indescribable something” that distinguishes her and her blog from others.

Amy with her French husband, Michel.

Francesca in France is a blog that started with her online persona at the defunct Asawa forum. While creating her blog, Amy was watching Meryll Streep's Francesca in Bridges of Madison County. She felt the same sentiments of the character. From then on, Francesca in France went online and a cornucopia of tales and thoughts followed.

Probably, what sets her and her blog apart from the rest is the fancy country where she's currently living in. After all, isn't France the most romantic and fashionable country in the world? The country most of us dream of going to? This Bisaya-Ilonggo Pinay is living in Nice, France and her being a full-time personal assistant/housekeeper to a billionaire in Monaco, Monte Carlo, has its advantages... like having something to talk about in her blog.

Her blog, Francesca in France, has been online since January 2005. Her blog discusses her life filled with disasters (and sometimes success) and funny stories that are quite annoying sometimes but purely wholesome. There are no dirty topics on her blog. Her blog focuses on her work and how she deals with the French lifestyle.
Her Butler stories, entries on her former co-worker, was such a hit that it catapulted Francesca in France into winning the best blog in Europe award at the 2008 and 2009 Pinoy OFWs/Expats Blog Awards. From an active forum-er to an award-winning blogger... bongga s'ya 'day!

Out on a road trip.

Blogging has taught Ms. Amalia patience. She said that she didn't realize that the world of blogging is that special and that it could change her life. She is now more "madaldal" and more creative. She has made friends all over the world. Also, she has shown France to a lot of us, who can only dream of visiting the fabled country some day. "France is a bit special. They do unimaginable things here. It is a free country; the church is separate from the state. The language is hard taking me five years to have the courage to speak it." Apparently, the French people have their quirks too. "They eat frogs and snails here too. They eat rotten cheese (with bacteria) and raw oysters." She suggests the following must-visit places in Paris: the Louvre Museum and Palais de Versailles, and in Nice: the perfumeries and wine factories. And it's also a must to ride the bullet trains.

Beautiful mother and daughter tandem.

Though she sees herself living in France for a long time, she still holds a special place for the Philippines in her heart. "I like to live in the Philippines if it is already secured and peaceful to live in. I think if the system of government in the Philippines is inviting, why not?" Having children who do not fail her expectations and remains obedient to her ("walang suwail") is what she considers as her greatest success so far. Her children are her joie de vivre. About Michel, her French husband, he is just an accessory into the picture, so he says.

Living larger than life.

To her fellow expat bloggers, she leaves this message: "Life abroad is not home sweet home like when we were in the Philippines. You must widen your horizon and explore. Get more experiences when it comes to the places you go to and people you meet. Blogging is therapeutic and you must not stop."

Indeed, bloggers must continue blogging and if you want a respite from the toxic, hectic schedule that is giving you a writer's block, heading to Francesca in France will make you laugh out loud and remind you that despite life's many struggles, it is still a great blessing to be in this journey. C'est la vie!

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Yellow Bells said...

I frequent her blog and it never fails to brighten up my day! Good Luck Amy

Mr. Thoughtskoto said...

Welcome to PEBA as one of those who will decide who make it to the top. Thanks for this superb article about the ever controversial and yet down-to-earth Ate Francesca!

Francesca said...

Ang galing naman, modestly speaking, I appreciate that Kablogs Journal would feature me in my proper value.

To Miss Janelle, you did a very good fantastic feature, very impressive,and balance, and I would like to read more features on Spotlight on Bloggers, very soon.
Sino kaya susunod? Aabangan ko.

veta said...

two thumbs up!..:-)

Francesca said...

UY,this feature made me a good advert that two Philippine companies offered me to join them (freelance writing and SIM Card wholeselling in France. Ang galing.
Sana hindi lumaki ang ulo ko, haha.

The only offer I cannot refuse at this time is to be One of the Judges for PEBA.
Merci, PEBA team for the trust.


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