The Greater PEBA

If the five reasons to join PEBA we gave you are not enough, just consider this: PEBA helps poor but deserving children go to school and you can too.

The people behind PEBA are working with Believe International, a 100% volunteer organization that provide resources so Filipino youth can attend school, encourage academic excellence, teach positive values and social behavior, and create opportunities for personal growth. In essence, Believe International and PEBA share the OFWs' dreams and goals - to send children to school and give them a better future.

We all know how important education is and we also know that many Filipino children cannot get good education, even if they want to, because their parents lack the resources to fund their schooling. Now, here is a group manned by volunteers, people who have the passion to help others without expecting anything in return. This is a wholehearted, unselfish action and commitment. And PEBA wants you to be a part of it.

For now, PEBA is sponsoring two children, Ernesto of Camarines Norte and Caren of Aklan. With your help, more children can go to school. You can donate through PEBA and ask your family and friends to do the same. All proceeds will go to Believe International. For more details, please contact Mr. Kenji Solis at

Ernesto's drawing

Once, you believed you can go to school, land a job, and lead a good life. Now, you are successful in your endeavor because of the education you worked hard for. Now, you have the power to help others go to school and make them believe that life has so much more to offer.

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Mr. Thoughtskoto said...

Thank you for this, I didn't expect that you guys will feature us here about this. Thank you. I gave out the link of this entry to the President of the Believe International who is from the US, and the teachers of Ernesto and Caren.

We hope to send more kids to school this year through our sponsors, and through you and the nominees support.

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