Water 101

Well, from June to August, it’s probably raining somewhere in the Philippines habang tayo ay naliligo naman sa pawis sa sobrang init somewhere around the world.

Talking about rain, ligo, and pawis, I decided to make one entry a little bit informative since I’ve been working in water industry for the last 12 years. Gulat noh, parang ang tanda-tanda ko na. Matanda lang ah. 12 years of experience? Count my age since the time I started working at 21? Oh, di ba? Ayaw kasi maniwala ng boss ko eh. Well, is that not a compliment? Haha! Ibig sabihin nu'n, I look younger despite a dozen years of experience!

What's my secret? WATER.

Take note of this: In the Middle East and African region, water is more expensive than fuel. A liter of gasoline is only 60 cents, while a liter of drinking water in KSA is 2 Saudi Riyal.

Consider the following facts as one basis why water is very important to you (thus, we should drink it regularly):

Muscles that move our body? 75% water
Blood that transports nutrients? 85% water
Lungs that provide oxygen? 90% water
Our brain, the control of our body? 76% water
Our bones? 25% water
Every cells of our body need water. A man can survive a week by drinking water alone.

They say “You are not just what you eat; you are what you drink.”

I can honestly say that our health is dependent on the quality and quantity of water that we drink. So if you want a healthy lifestyle, really, drink or spend time, even money in drinking water.

Water helps remove the dangerous toxins that your body takes in from the air you breathe, the food you eat and the chemicals used in the various products you use on your skin and hair. Other things water does for your body is to cushion your joints. Water carries oxygen and nutrients into all your cells. Water also helps regulate your body temperature.

You need water to keep your metabolism working properly. In order for this to happen, there is a certain level of water in each of our bodies that we need to maintain. If we don’t keep that amount, our bodies will start to dehydrate. An easy way to think of it is to think of your car’s need for oil. If your oil level gets too low, your engine will start to run rough. If you totally deplete your oil supply in your car, your engine will stop running. Same with your body. Therefore it is easy to see why it is very important to drink six to eight glasses of water a day.
Some of the things that may happen to your body if you do not have enough water are that your blood pressure can fall to dangerously low levels. Blood clots may form. Your normal kidney function is impaired. You may get terrible constipation.

Some of the signals your body gives you of a low water level are constipation, terribly dry skin, and increased incidence of urinary tract infections and reoccurring headaches.

Kaya 'wag tatamad-tamad na uminom ng tubig. Ito ang pinakaimportanteng nutrient ng ating body. It is involved in most of our bodily functions and makes up 70-75% of our over-all body weight. Ako nga dahil tamad ako minsan kumuha ng baso, bumili ako ng isang cartoon ng mga maliliit na drinking bottled water, kaya kada kita ko, hablot, bukas, inom ng water.

Walang kinalaman sa tubig pero kailangang isingit: Sa first week ng July po ang Opening ng Nomination ng PEBA. Exciting!. Abangan lang po kasi baka pwedeng sumali ang mga local bloggers. More info at PEBA site.

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