There are so many possible topics for this month's column.

I'd love to write about the PEBA but this issue is the PEBA primer so I'm sure the articles above are more than adequate to initiate you into what's PEBA and why you should join. (You should! No doubts about it!)

I'd love to talk about my family for this month's theme but I'm sure my parents and siblings will panic at the sight of their name or photo in here. They're shy like that. (They freaked out when they saw their photos in the Pink Tarha!). And what can I really say about my family aside from them being made of pure awesomeness?

I'd love to talk about the pambansang wika. Just because August is the Buwan ng Wika. But I cannot think of anything that will interest you, aside from assuring you that I am still using the Filipino language in my day-to-day conversations, despite being in a foreign land. I haven't learned a single sentence of Arabic for the love of my mother tongue (or maybe because it's difficult?)

And then there's my birthday. Okay, okay, so I know you're not really interested in my birthday or anything that has got to do with my age. You don't care about yours anyway, right? Well, I do. I care about turning darn 26 this month, this year.

I am past the quarter-life crisis mark at 25. So at 26, I am here... at the quarter life crisis. Last week, I lay on my bed after I woke up thinking of what I will do with my life (wow, profound!). I rarely reflect, mind you, so this is a rare moment. I am currently at a point in my life where I consider myself to be in the middle of a crossroad. I'm sure it is a crossroad but I cannot see the roads. Not yet. It's as if I am not going anywhere. I spent the time thinking of the different aspects of my life and saw that I am lingering. This is a place where I do not want to move just yet. I just want to linger. And float. And stay in between.

I am not sure where my train of thought is taking me, or you. I just thought that every once in a while, we reach a point in our lives when we just want to be still, take a moment to reflect, and move on another day. I would like this August, or the days leading to my 26th birthday, to be that point in my life.

Thank you, Lord, for the chance to reflect, to pray, to live, to wake up to a glorious sun.

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5 Reactions:

RJ said...

Happy Birthday, Ms. Janelle! o",)

Yellow Bells said...

very well said, ok nakapagcomment na ako enough lingering in your post, next stop nebs article cheers jannele

Mr. Thoughtskoto said...

Happy birthday, mukhang magkasunod pa yata kau ng birthday ni Doc RJ. hehehe

i like the post, kaya pala one time, ang stats mo sa FB, float a while...i wonder what does it mean, and now i know.

Jaja said...

Hmn, I think sabay yata kami ni Doc RJ ng birthday. Pero dahil mas mayaman s'ya, s'ya ang manlilibre from Down Under! ;)

Thank you for your feedback! :)

Francesca said...

wed anniv naman namin ni Lolo on august 17, kaya dami nga daat linger na mga thoughts, like, will we still reach our 50 years golden wed together? I told him, dont die first because if you do, I kill you.
pa Cute laang, ahihihihi.

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