The Ways of Thais

Did you know that Thailand has almost 3,500 mosques around the country? Most of them are located in Southern Thailand. Bangkok itself has more than 170 mosques that tourists frequent all year round.

The following photos were taken by Jose Santiago Tan, an OFW residing in Thailand.

Took this shot of " Yai Chai Mon Kon Temple " last Sunday at the Ancient City of Ayuthaya, Thailand.

Ayutthaya had consecutively been a prosperous kingdom for 417 years. There had been 33 kings who reigned the kingdom over that period, beginning with King Uthong in 1893 B.E.

This was taken at Damnoern Saduak, Floating Market, Ratchaburi, Thailand.

If there's a place in Thailand which is most-photographed by tourists, it's the floating markets. Says The river and 'klong' markets give a realistic glance of how daily life must have been in earlier times.

In venturing Thailand's floating markets, one could buy a variety of tropical fruits, flowers, vegetables and fresh produce. It's just sad that with the mushrooming of modern stores and malls, the traditional floating markets of Thailand are slowly disappearing.

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