The things we can learn from children

Photos and text by Sayote Queen

If my heart can become pure and simple, like that of a child, I think there probably can be no greater happiness than this. -- Kitaro Nishida.

Taken during our last visit to an elementary school in Asin Road, Baguio City. These kids got a little excited when they saw the camera. I was supposed to take a picture of their classrooms but before I can climb up a flight of stairs, they rushed in front of their classroom. So as not to disappoint them, I took a picture of them, still pushing each other... but still happy and excited. Some of the kids were shy at first but I really smile a lot so I think that helped :o)

Manang, alaan da kami man ti pitsur mi!
(Translated : Take a picture of us! Manang translated in Tagalog means Ate or older sister. I guess there is no direct translation in English).

There are a number of students in this elementary school and I kind of feel sorry for them because their school is far from the main road. To get to their school, one has to hike quite a bit (with slippery stoned paths). I wonder how they cope especially during rainy days.

But I guess, like any child, that doesn't dampen their spirits one bit and I admire them for that.

I, of course, showed them their picture in the LCD of my digicam, which got them more excited. I had to smile. Their enthusiasm and laughter are contagious. And because of me taking their pictures (quite a number of times), recess was extended by the teachers...hehehe.

Did I mention they spoke perfectly good english? They don't let the lack of books or school supplies hinder their education. The principal mentioned to me that they were really hard up acquiring books for the students.

I love working with children. During my community duties as a student nurse in Manila, I preferred working with the people of the community, especially the children, than an eight-hour hospital duty. There is so much to learn from people and children. I listen to them...embrace their stories and experiences...

(SQ or Sayote Queen is from Baguio City, Philippines. She's always been interested in photography but "only took it as a serious hobby last 2006". Aside from photography, she likes traveling. She's "a self-taught photographer" and claims that she's "still learning". Her other beautiful photographs can be found in flickr.)

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Nakakatuwang tingnan kapag pix ng mga bata ang tinitingnan natin, parang wala silang problema, pati tuloy ako parang walang problema habang nakatitig sa pix nila :)

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