What's the weather like in Europe?

It's cold but not entirely dreary in Europe, yet our Kablogers' posts are noticeably scanty. Nonetheless, of the few that I read, I'm amazed.

The Dutched Pinay of The Netherlands said it's raining on the Queen's Day while the hearth and heart of Vicky of Germany are surely aglow after having a wonderful bonding moments with her daughter...in the kitchen, cooking! There's nothing sweeter than that, except perhaps ACDee's recipe of polvoron (I just can't help but admire her photos of polvoron, and yes, they all look and read mouth-watering!)

Euroangel Graffiti's weather is "at around 26 degrees centigrade with a little breeze" and her garden's a-bloom, while for Joy of Switzerland, the weather's fine for a picnic at Vrinnevi forest in Norrköping.

Philippine's summer is perfect for the Sarmiento Sisters of London to have a wonderful time admiring the Bangui windmills in Ilocos Norte.

And what could be more than perfect than Ruth's Mia turning two and Marghie, daughter of Francesca of France, meeting her fiancée!

For Carlo Butalid of The Netherlands, though, it's all-business. His projections state that electric vehicles' sale for 2010! I think it's cool!

(We are looking for an editor who could write the going-ons among our Europe-based Kabloggers. Please drop us an email if you're interested! - Nebz ).

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