Have a merry feastival!

Growing up in the Philippines, and in a barrio bound by the mountains and sea at that, I've been immersed in a lot of Filipino gatherings. Fiestas are like a monthly thing in our rural area. Every barangay has their own and I immensely enjoyed them. When I was in my teenage years (not-so-long ago *cough*), I saw the proliferation of fiestas in the Philippine provinces. Every province has their own product that they are proud of and most festivals highlight them. Bananas (Negros Occidental), kesong puti (Laguna), bangus (Dagupan, Pangasinan), bawang (Ilocos Sur), banig (Cebu)... the list goes on and on. I wonder what's next?

Wait, what's the difference between fiestas and festivals? I know there are many descriptions in the dictionary or wikipedia... don't suggest me lmgtfy, I know. But in simpler, Tagalog slang, I just understand it like this: fiestas are smaller gatherings for smaller places (municipalities and cities) while festivals are bigger, larger celebration for bigger places (provinces and regions). Haha! In any way, they're a lot of fun, food, fun! If I were to attend all the fiestas and festivals in the Philippines, my calendar would be so hectic I'll probably spend every waking day in different parts of the archipelago. Well, bring it on!

Here's a list of festivals I will probably make karir in attending when I have the chance:

JANUARY: Sinulog/Ati-Atihan (Cebu) and Dinagyang (Iloilo City)
FEBRUARY: Panagbenga (Baguio City)
I can't believe I only saw this festival once in my entire 16 years of living in La Union, the gateway to the Cordilleras. Such a loser. :P
MARCH: Sandugo (Bohol)
APRIL: Moriones (Marinduque) and Pista'y Dayat (Pangasinan)
MAY: Viva! Vigan (Ilocos Sur) and Pahiyas (Lucban, Quezon)
JUNE: Parada ng Lechon (Batangas, who could blame me?! Hehe!) and Pintados (Tacloban, Leyte)
JULY: Tinalak (Koronadal, South Cotabato)
AUGUST: Kadayawan (Davao City)
SEPTEMBER: Tuna Festival (General Santos) and Penafrancia (Camarines Sur)
OCTOBER: Maskara (Bacolod) and Lanzones Festival (Camiguin)
NOVEMBER: Kalimudan (Sultan Kudarat) and Higantes (Rizal)
DECEMBER: Giant Lantern (Pampanga)

I can't wait to be there when these celebrations happen! (WISH) Have you been to any of the festivals above? Share me your experiences! Better yet, if you wrote about them in your blog, leave me the link and I'll read fervently.

In another note, fiestas don't only happen within places. They also happen within neighborhoods and families. When? When a balikbayan relative/neighbor comes home for vacation! And there's one nationwide fiesta happening this May! Nope, it's not the 2010 elections. It's the days after the election. Be ready for the chaos this pyesta will bring!

Anyway, enjoy our second issue everyone. Feast on our own version of fiesta!

XOXO from the sun country (now experiencing a dose of rain every now and then),

PS. Just to show you how we Filipino expats interact with other nationalities here in Saudi Arabia, here's a photo of an event I recently attended together with my friends. The parade of Indian saree colors reminded me of how colorful our festivals can get (so are theirs). Also, it just shows that Filipinas look good in sarees. Hehe.

Won't you agree? Spot me! :)

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