Utsukushii Mommy EK

One can only dream of setting foot in the snowy land of cherry blossoms and unique, hi-tech gadgets. For one Filipina blogger, Japan is her second home; no problems whatsoever in arriving in the land of the rising sun. Spotlight has Spotted MOMMY EK, and we've been smitten ever since. Here's an interview with the beautiful Kristhel:

The mommy with a K!

1. Can you tell us about yourself?
I'm a mother of a 1-year-old boy and I'm currently residing in Nagano, Japan with my brother. I'm a God-fearing person who is afraid of breaking rules. I'm talkative when I'm with my friends and I can be the life of a party too. I'm makulit and childish sometimes but I can also be moody. I enjoy new experiences. I'm also a good listener. I always go for what I want, especially if it's something that will make me happy.

2. Describe your blog Mommy EK in a Twitter message way (140 characters).
My blog is my personal online diary. It talks about my life in Japan.

3. How long have you been blogging?
I've been blogging for a year now. I started on Valentine's Day in 2009.

4. Why did you blog?
I decided to start blogging because I didn't have a lot of friends back then and I always use the computer. I was also inspired by other bloggers because I read a lot of blogs since I got here.

5. What changed after you started blogging?
I have more online friends! :)

6. What is your goal for your blog this year?
I started a 365 project where I post any thing daily. That's for a year! They're mostly pictures from my everyday life here in Japan. I hope I can really finish it. Good luck to me!!!

Day 3 of 2010
With this fashionista mom's warm, bright smile, winter doesn't look so dull and bleak at all.

Day 11 of 2010
Mommy EK shares with us some chocolates from from Japan!

Day 56 of 2010
Mommy EK shows us gorgeous shoes for sale on her 56th post for her 365 project.

7. What topics interest your readers?
They like my posts about Japan: the food, places, and other things.

8. What is your favorite post? Why?
I like my posts on my trips to different places here in Japan. It's my first time to experience them. I also like my long posts because I put a lot of time and effort in writing them.

9. What do you do when you're not blogging?
Aside from work, I'm just always home, in front of my laptop. I also hang out with my friends.

10. Who are your 3 favorite Filipino bloggers?
Chuvaness, Daphne Osena-Paez, and Bianca Gonzales

11. How long have you been an OFW in Japan?
I first went here in May 2007 but I went back to the Philippines in December of the same year. I came back last October 2008. So I can say that maybe around 2 years.

12. 3 things that miss most about the Philippines.
The Philippine holidays, different restaurants with different cuisines, and basketball

13. How long are you planning to be an OFW? Do you plan to return to the Philippines for good?
I want to bring my husband and son here with me so I guess I might stay here for a long time but I think that every Filipino has plans of going back to the Philippines. Lahat, nag-iipon lang. I don't want to grow old in another country.

14. What is your life's greatest success so far?
Having my baby! Walang meaning and buhay ko dati nung wala pa s'ya.

15. Any message to fellow expat bloggers?
Enjoy blogging!

Interview conducted by The Pope
*Utsukushii means beautiful.

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