Summer Naaaa!!!!

Summer, by wiki's definition, means, the warmest of the four temperate seasons between spring and autumn. At the summers solstice, the days are longest and the nights are shortest. But for some, summer defines as the time for fun, leisure and enjoyment, a time to celebrate after the four months of hiding under the blankets and jackets, like a butterfly hiding on its cocoon. And for me, summer is a time to have fun too and be bonded with your friends, families and loved ones. It is also the season to have a break & to relax from a long tiring work or study that we had in a year.

We can spend summer by making it special & unique. Having your friends and special ones, you can do swimming at the beach or by the pool, hiking and mountain trailing, picnic and walking at the park or go out of town. As for me, an OFW having a difficult time to insert in his hectic schedule a getaway, my initial plan is to visit and experience bathing in mud in one of Guan Zi Ling's famous mud hot springs. But before that, as a kick off for summer, I just wanted to share my pictures from last year's summer getaway at Bei Pu man made waterfalls.

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Rex, by Latin definition, means King. In real life, he is a happy & down to earth guy residing in Batangas. He is an OFW since 2003 to the land of Ang Lee, Coco Lee, F4, & Wang Chien Ming. He loves reading & he wishes Dumbledore was his grandfather. To know him better, you may drop by his abode at Imprisoned Mind

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Nortehanon said...

Now that you've mentioned the Guan Zi Ling's mud hot springs, my feet are already itching to visit the mud hot springs in Pampanga, near Mt. Pinatubo ;)

Looking at your photo of the man-made falls, I am reminded of the man-made falls in Villa Escudero and in Wawa Dam in Rizal.

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