A joy named Anna

Purely by fate: that our month's theme is about food and our Spotlight feature is someone who writes for a blog that has the word cake on the title. Well, 'keyk' to be exact.

Meet Ana, aka Enjoy, who pens PEBA 2009's award-winning blog, Enjoy...Life is a Piece of Keyk.

Her real name is Anna but her friends and family enjoyably call her Enjoy. She currently resides in Yishun, Singapore with her family.

She's witty. She's cool. You can easily sense it while reading through her posts (which for some reason she infrequently updates now). Motherhood, that's why. She's a full time housewife to her hubby Gard and a doting mother to lovely daughters, Jan and Lian.

She loves coffee and dark chocolate. "Kahit anong brand basta dark or bitter chocholate, solve na ko," says Enjoy. Ditto: Java Chip of Starbucks, Double Chocolate Frappé ng Mc Café, Chocolate Macadamia Nut of Gloria Jeans, pasta, caesar's salad, pizza, garlic bread, oatmeal, non-fat milk, gulay. She thumbs down ginisang munggo, apples, lansones and pears.

The following is our simple Q&A series for Enjoy who really spared us her time from her hectic schedule.

What is Anna's favorite dish?
I have no particular favorite dish. Basta I'm not a pork lover, meaning I can live without pork or can only eat pork dishes once a week. The rest of the week, dapat vegetables or fish dishes na.

What is your specialty?
Define specialty. :) Honestly, I don't know. Modesty aside, I consider myself multi-talented. I can cook, I can draw (see her self-portrait below - Nebz), I can sew. Noong bata pa ko, I script-write, I compose songs (pero personal lang), I play the guitar. I know a lot of things na alam kong kaya kong mag-excel but I cannot because I don't have focus; I have a hard time focusing on one project, which makes it difficult for me to distinguish kung ano ba talaga ang specialty ko.

What prompted you to blog?
Heartbreak and depression.

What, for you, is the most exciting part of your blogging experience?
Meeting intellectual and sensible online friends who share the same passion for blogging.

Five things/adjectives that most people don't know about Enjoy.
OC, emotional, weak, stupid and indispensable.

Describe your 24 hours.
I wake up as early as 5:30 AM to prepare breakfast for kids. When everybody's gone, I start to clean the house (almost every day... OC nga eh) and do my daily home chores. Since I just resigned from work, I have plenty of time na to look after my kids and to attend to my family's needs. I check my social networking pages in the afternoon, then cook/prepare dinner again; then bond with my family by watching teleserye/movies at night. 'Pag may extra time, I check my FB again :) Normally, that's how I spend my 24-hours.

How will Enjoy write her piece for PEBA 2010's theme? [She's no longer qualified to join so feel free to steal her ideas! - Nebz :-) ]
Siguro, just like most bloggers would do, I would narrate my husband's journey to providing our family a better life. We all had that dream for our family before we decided to work outside our country. Perhaps, what would make each story different from the other is the depth of each situation and how the people involve handle the effect of that situation.

Any tips to PEBA 2010 entrants?
Just write from the heart. It doesn't matter whether you write in Tagalog or English. What matters is how your piece could affect someone's life.

Message to your fellow OFW/expat bloggers.
Let's continue to dream big, not only for our family but also for our nation. Philippines is still a better place to retire to. We can change our lives and the future of our country wherever we are in world. God bless.

Quoted from her blog.
Maigsi lang ang panahon para magmukmok at palipasin ang bawat pagkakataon. Kaya kung ako s’yo, kindatan mo lang at ngitian ang life. After all, life is a piece of cake!

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Enjoy said...

Thank you for this wonderful article Nebz! Good job! :)

OT: I was waiting for your email on the link. Good thing, Mr. Google was very helpful :)

Nebz said...

Thanks, Enjoy, for being a part of our issue. Ii-email n dapat kita kaya lang naunahan mo ako. Hehehe.

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