Arabs love them grilled, Japanese love them raw, Chinese love them stir-fried, Indians love them curried, Americans deep-fry them, while us Pinoys -- correct me if I'm wrong -- love it boiled and sweetened and ajinomoto-ed.

So what then becomes the taste buds of a Pinoy abroad? With our penchance for tasting everything -- loving most of them and hating some --, I say, Pinoy pa rin! Wherever we are in the world and no matter how many foreign dishes we consume, our palette will always crave for that taste (and smell) of something Pinoy -- sourly sinigang na baboy or fish, herbly adobo, colorful menudo and afritada, crunchy lechon, sweet lemon-y leche plan, salty pinakbet, etc.

It is not surprising that in most cities around the world, you will find stores that are named Kadiwa, Kabayan, Quiapo, Makati, etc vending Datu Puti, Silver Swan, longanisa, Maggi instant noodles, Mamasita flavourings, Skyflakes, Barrio Fiesta bagoong, etc.

An OFW’s gustatory journey, hence, leads always to something familiar – a journey of the senses towards being Pinoy; a journey towards home.

This September 2010 Issue of The Kablogs Journal is dedicated to Pinoys’ cooking (and eating) experience while abroad.

► Thank you to RJ Pagoto who lets us 'taste' outback Australia, and even entices us to visit the country. Takers, anyone?
► Thank you too to all our in-house editors for all their wonderful articles. See sidebar for the list of what you will find inside this issue.

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