Learning. This is our theme for Kablog Literary Journal's Issue 3.

This June 12, we celebrate our 112th Independence Day, but many still ask if we indeed are truly independent.

This month, Noynoy Aquino will be proclaimed the new Philippine president sans his running mate Mar Roxas. There's so much to learn from last month's elections, i.e. how Manny Villar with his money only managed to place third with a paltry 4-million votes whereas Joseph Estrada, whom the surveys set aside as the third placer, garnered almost double of Villar's votes. There's also a lot to learn of Binay's victory over Roxas (we're basing it on Comelec and PPCRV figures).

Itong Hunyo, pasukan na naman sa Pilipinas with 23 million students trooping to schools on June 15. Every year too, this period brings to light various issues concerning the sorry state of our education system, i.e. dearth of qualified teachers, lack of classrooms, low quality textbooks, high increases in tuition fees, etc. But every year too from what other rants as bottomless pit of education problems, we produce quality students and quality heroes. Hindi kaya nasosobrahan lang tayo sa negativity at bias about our country?

On a lighter note, June is believed to have come from the Roman goddess of marriage Juno (that explains why a large number of weddings this month!). But did you know that many also believed it came from the Latin word iuniores, meaning "younger ones"? And so for this Kablogs Journal issue, we present to you our cover photo courtesy of Jose Santiago Tan.

Shown in this photo are Jose's children: Tyra, Naedyn and Tyrone who are playing with bubbles. We chose this photo because it reflects the children's varied emotions in discovering the wonders of bubbles from a simple source such as soap suds. Keen interest, curios wonderment, and blissful joy from learning something new.

And yes, lest we forget, we also celebrate Father's Day this month, on the third Sunday. So to all our kablogger fathers, Happy Father's Day!

This month's contributors: the husband and wife tandem of Jose and Hedda Tan of Thailand, Noel Ablon of Saudi Arabia, Jettro of South Korea and Lovely Fernandez of Singapore.

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R.S. Mallari (SpK) said...

Filipinos are well endowed with intelligence but the problem is the foundation where it should be nourished.

Whereas; Conducive school for learning is the main factor and also the number 1 problem in Philippines Educational System. A very basic fundamental and I haven't seen any president past or present who have made education a top priority.

docgelo said...

although i am hopeful with the incoming administration, i still pray his governance will give importance to education and health above other issues. being a physician and educator too, i feel depressed when issues on this topics are taken for granted.

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