Kabayan, where are we heading to?

Election, weather, mass exodus of Filipino professionals abroad, seemingly unstoppable price increase, and the moral decay in our society are just some of the factors that lead to my question above.

The automated election was supposedly peaceful, or was it really honest and credible? Did we elect the best and right leaders and lawmakers to govern and to enact laws for the betterment of our nation? Will it bring pride to our country, or ruin?


If you’re an OFW or a balikbayan, you’ll regret coming home for vacation this summer season. From 29-31 degrees C, we are now experiencing 33 to 39 degrees C with higher humidity. The malls are hot, the MRT trains are even hotter, and the buses and the taxis are, well, oven hot. Parang pugon! There’s nowhere to hide. Unlike in the Middle East where homes are mostly air-conditioned, most of the houses in the Philippines are made of wood and yero. Are we ready to brace this temperature with this kindsof houses? It was not the same six years ago. Global warming is for real. Are our lawmakers addressing this concern?

OFWs keep coming.

I will be working as an OFW again soon, while processing for our immigration visa that will take years. My brother next to me is coming to one of the countries in the Middle East while my other brother works in AlKhobar. We are an OFW family. I asked the taxi driver who took us home from the airport how much is the volume of OFWs arriving everyday. He answered, "maybe 10,000, more or less. "

See the amount of money OFWs are bringing in to the country everyday? If each OFW is bringing more or less 100,000 to 200,000 pesos, that’s 2 billion pesos everyday! Ano bang batas ang nagawa na para sa mga OFWs? It’s sad that Susan Ople, the could-have-been OFW voice in the senate, didn’t win. She would have made a difference for us.

Price increases.

We bought a Canon camera worth 800SR in Saudi Arabia. When we arrived here, we saw the same brand and specs in a mall. The price? 15,000 pesos. We had our automatic washing machine that we bought for 1,800SR shipped from KSA to the Philippines. We checked the price here and it’s 32,000 pesos. What is wrong? The list goes on and on, and the only thing cheaper here is the food and the cellphone load!

Moral decay.

We are the only Christian nation in Asia and we are proud of that. Yet I think we are degrading in terms of family values and moral behavior. We are getting closer and closer to becoming like other developed nations, and yet we are getting farther and farther from our faith. What is wrong with us? You can see it in the government, in private companies, in schools, in our culture. You can read crimes everyday, here and there, and its sickening.

I was here in Metro Manila six months ago during the PEBA awarding. I thought we should improve our lives, but for the last six months since I first came here, I think I saw that lives are getting more difficult. Mukhang nakakadismaya ang entry ko na ito pero that’s what I am seeing here right now.

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